Microcurrent Facials Miami, FL

A microcurrent facial is painless and is designed to firm skin and erase lines and wrinkles. It also improves muscle tone, tightens pores, and reduces puffiness. The overall result is younger and healthier-looking skin.

This is the service you want to have right before your wedding, photo shoot, new job, or any other time you want to look your absolute best. If you’re going to improve facial toning and enjoy a microcurrent facial in Coral Gables, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Common Conditions Treated by Microcurrent Facials

    Our skilled aestheticians can help you improve the following conditions with an IPL treatment in Coral Gables:

    Sagging Skin

    Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    Sun Damage


    Acne and Acne Scars

    Dark Circles

    Uneven Skin Tone

    Dehydrated Skin

    How Does a Microcurrent Facial Work?

    A microcurrent facial emits low-voltage currents on a cellular level, helping stimulate collagen and elastin production. The currents repair damaged skin, which is often referred to as a natural facelift.

    You may feel slight tingling during the procedure, but many clients say it is relaxing. This type of facial also incorporates many of the same features as a traditional facial, including cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and a facial massage.

    There is no downtime after your appointment; you can continue your day as planned. The number of sessions you need depends on your age and skin condition. Any age client will benefit from it. It is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenating for mature clients.

    Benefits of Microcurrent Facials


    This non-invasive and painless treatment makes it a great alternative to more invasive procedures.

    Improved Skin Tone

    Microcurrent facials can help to improve skin tone by stimulating circulation and promoting collagen production.

    Reduced Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    The treatment can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

    Improved Lymphatic Drainage

    Microcurrent facial can help improve lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and improving overall skin health.

    Increased Hydration

    The treatment can help to increase the skin's hydration levels, giving the skin a more radiant appearance.

    Reduced Inflammation

    The treatment can help reduce skin inflammation, making it great for those with conditions such as acne or rosacea.

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