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A non-surgical cosmetic treatment to help reduce problem areas like cellulite, face/neck, body contouring, and a youthful face

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that involves injecting small amounts of medication or other substances directly into the skin’s underlying tissue. This treatment has been used for various purposes, including fat loss.

Benefits of Mesotherapy at Body RX Medspa

A Non-Surgical Option

Minimally-invasive fat reduction

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to traditional fat reduction procedures, making it a good choice for those who do not want to undergo surgery. The treatment is also minimally invasive, so little to no downtime is involved.

Targeted Treatment

Target specific areas of the body for fat burning

Mesotherapy allows for the targeted treatment of specific areas of the body, making it a practical option for those looking to lose fat in a particular area, such as the stomach, hips, or thighs.

Safe and Effective

We use the highest standards of safety and medical care

Mesotherapy has been shown to be safe and effective in reducing fat in treated areas. The injections are made using a fine needle, and the medication or other substances used are carefully chosen to ensure the treatment is safe and effective.

Quick Results

Fast results may appear after one or two sessions

Mesotherapy can produce fast results, with some patients seeing a reduction in fat in the treated area after just one or two sessions. This can make it a good option for those looking for a quick, effective solution for fat reduction.

Long-lasting Results

Reduce the chances of fat to accumulate

In addition to quick results, mesotherapy can produce long-lasting results. This is because the medication or other substances used in the treatment help to reduce the size of fat cells, making it more difficult for fat to accumulate in the treated area in the future.

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