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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), sometimes called e-stim, is a massage used to relieve pain due to musculoskeletal injuries. The procedure is non-invasive and drug-free. It is used to remedy such conditions as sore muscles, muscle pain, and low back pain and restore muscle tone and post-surgical pain.

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    How is Electro Stimulation Massage Performed?

    Typically, this type of massage is performed using a battery-powered or electric device. The device has adhesive electrode pads on your skin’s surface in the target area. The device is then switched on to deliver mild electric impulses. As a result, the patient feels a tingling sensation. While these sensations usually last only during the treatment session, in some instances, the patient may feel them even 30 minutes after the session.

    electro stimulationThis electric stimulation allows tight muscles to relax, making it quite effective for muscle pain relief. An electro-stimulation massage can be used solely or in combination with other treatments.

    Benefits of Electro Stimulation Massage

    There are quite several benefits attributed to this type of therapy. Apart from expediting the healing of an injured muscle or tissue, other benefits include the following:

    Treatment for Muscle Atrophy

    Muscle atrophy is a condition characterized by decreased muscle mass. EMS has been proven to prevent this condition by keeping weak muscles active.

    Treatment for muscle re-education

    This can be used in rehabilitative settings where an injury has made it impossible to use specific muscles for too long. After several EMS sessions, the patient can move on to strenuous exercises that will help restore the injured power to its optimal strength.

    Enhances Muscle Performance

    Electro Stimulation has been shown to improve athletic performance by increasing muscle strength, endurance, and explosive power, giving athletes a competitive edge.

    Reduced Cellulite

    Electro Stimulation can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps break down fat deposits and smooth out the skin.

    Improved Mental Health

    Electro Stimulation can also positively impact mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation, and improving mood through the release of endorphins.

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